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What Do You Know About Your Septic System?

If you answered "not very much," don't worry! You've come to the right place! The links below can help you better understand your system and ensure that it functions properly. A septic system is a big investment. It's to your advantage to learn how to protect it.
All About Septic Systems

How Septic Systems Work

Septic System Operation & Maintenance

When Problems Occur with Your System

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Rules, Regulations and Contacts

Septic Systems are usually regulated at the state level. These regulations typically specify the minimum requirements for owning and operating an onsite septic system, including design, installation, and maintenance, such as system pumping. Counties or municipalities frequently add additional requirements to account for unique local conditions. The links above will take you to the official state websites governing septic systems (often called "onsite" or "onlot"  systems).

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