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Want to be listed on the Septic Locator?

If you are a NOWRA member in good standing, you are already listed in the Septic Locator. NOWRA members in good standing come from two sources:
  1. Individuals may join NOWRA directly
  2. Individuals are members of an affiliated state onsite association

If you are a current member or have been a member recently, your membership information is in our database. You can login to determine your membership status and update your contact information and services offered..

If you are not a member, you have three options for being listed on the Septic Locator:
  1. Join NOWRA directly
  2. Purchase a subscription to the Septic Locator only.
  3. Join your state onsite organization if it is affiliated with NOWRA

For the first two options, please go to our membership application page. To join NOWRA directly, select the HQ1 Professional Member option (or HQ2 Regulator Member option) from the drop down menu. To subscribe to the Septic Locator, select that option from the drop down menu.

If you are eligible to join an affiliated state organization, that may be a good option, as it will give you membership in two organizations for one price. Bear in mind, however, that there may be a lag time between the date when you join and when NOWRA receives your membership information from the state organization.