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Septic System Operation & Maintenance

Here are a variety of resources describing how your septic system should be operated and maintained

From the US Environmental Protection Agency:

US EPA Septic Smart Program                                
A Homeowners’ Guide to Septic Systems 
Why Maintain Your System?                                  
How to Properly Care for your Septic System 
Septic Smart Do’s and Don’ts of Your Septic System
Septic Smart Avoid Common Culprits of System Failure

From the National Environmental Service Center:

What is a Septic System? How Do I Maintain One?
Part 1 So…Now You Own a Septic System
Part 2 The Care and Feeding of Your Septic System
Part 3 Groundwater Protection and Your Septic System
Landscaping Septic Systems
Septic Tank Additives 
Soil Evaluation Techniques

From the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association

A Homeowner’s Onsite System Guide and Record Keeping Folder
Guidance for the Use of Water Softening and Onsite Wastewater Systems on Individual Properties


From the Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment:

Glossary of Terms

Educational videos
University of Minnesota: Pumping and Maintenance of Septic Systems
University of Minnesota:Household Tips for Septic System Owners