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Rules, Regulations & Contacts

From the National Environmental Service Center:

Onsite Wastewater Regulations Database – This database helps customers access onsite wastewater regulatory documentation. For example, an individual wanting an idea of which technologies are permitted in their state would be able to search rules and guidelines in the database.
Onsite Wastewater Regulations by State – National Summary Citations
Regulatory Agencies - NESC maintains a current list of links to U.S. departments that govern state onsite wastewater system regulations.  
Wastewater Regulatory Contacts (pdf) - Contacts are listed by state and updated quarterly.


Links to other related organizations

Office of Water
Office of Wastewater
Septic/Onsite/Decentralized Systems
Clean Water State Revolving Fund
Sustainable Infrastructure
Green Infrastructure
Water Security
Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water

Office of Rural Development
Rural Utilities Service

SORA - State Onsite Regulators Alliance
NESC - National Environmental Services Center
NAWT - National Association of Wastewater Technicians
CIDWT - Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment
NEHA - National Environmental Health Association
RCAP - Rural Community Assistance Partnership
WEF - Water Environment Federation
WERF - Water Environment Research Foundation
ACWA - Association of Clean Water Administrators
ASDWA - Association of State Drinking Water Administrators
ASTHO - Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention
GWPC - Groundwater Protection Council
NATaT - National Association of Towns and Townships
NSF - National Sanitation Foundation

WERF - Decentralized Water Resources Collaborative
NGWA - National Ground Water Association
NPCA - National Precast Concrete Association
WasteWater Education
ISI - Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure
COWI - Canadian Onsite Wastewater Institute
Sustainable Water Forum

Northeast States and Caribbean Islands Regional Water Center
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission

Delaware and Technical Community College Environmental  Training Center